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Yoga For Beginners

Feel Welcome

At My Yoga Home, we want you to feel welcome and confident when you join classes. Start your journey with us in a semi private class that teaches you the foundations of the practice. Class size is limited to 8 for a more personal experience.


Feel Safe

Learn correct techniques for breath, postures and transitions over four consecutive weeks. We encourage you to build a greater connection to the practice, the space and your teacher.


Experience Us

The format is based on the Ashtanga Vinyasa method which will serve you for all classes in My Yoga Home. Your teacher will make recommendations for other classes in the studio for you to attend during this four week period.



Feeling At Home with Us Starts Here

The cost for this program is $105 and includes a month Unlimited pass.

For current members, the program is available for $40.

Don’t have a mat? We have mats for you to borrow and we do stock mats for you to purchase onsite. We encourage you to have your own mat and start building your relationship with your sacred space now.