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Class Etiquette

  • Do not eat for 3 hours or drink for 1 hour before your practice.
    Yoga is best practiced on an empty stomach. If you need to, eat something light and easily digestible, like a very ripe banana or plain yogurt. This will make it easier to activate your mula bandha and ground your core, helping you progress through your asanas and avoid injury.
  • Arrive clean.
    Out of respect for the other students and teachers you are sharing space with, please minimize body odour with a natural deodorant, and always shower, clean your mat, and wash your towels and clothes after practice. Your yogi neighbours will thank you!
  • Wear comfortable clothing.
    Wear anything comfortable that stretches as you move. You don’t need to own Lululemon to practice yoga! Forget the flash. It doesn’t matter if you match—no one is going to notice except for you. And we practice in bare feet, so don’t worry about footwear.
  • Try to arrive 10 to 15 minutes early.
    Arrive early so you can meet your teacher, get acquainted with our studio and sign up if you haven’t yet.
  • Please remove your shoes at the door.
    We like to keep our studio clean. Your shoes are safe in our studio, which is locked during your practice.
  • Inform your teacher of any injuries or health conditions.
    Our teachers are well versed in modifying asanas to help you prevent and even recover from injury.
  • Follow the teacher’s guidance.
    Our teachers are here to help you get the most out of your practice. We hire only highly qualified, experienced teachers. For your safety and progress, please follow their direction.
  • Try not to drink water.
    Drinking water during your practice is a distraction from your flow and can actually prevent you from grounding your pelvis, opening yourself to injury. If you must bring water into class, put your bottles behind your mats please. Because heat is generated internally in active yoga practices, causing sweat, it can get warm and humid, so we do not heat our room beyond typical summer temperatures (24 to 26 degrees).
  • Store all possessions on the shelves provided.
    We have limited practice space, so please only bring your mat, towel and necessary props to your practice spot.
  • Set all mobile phones to silent.
    We understand the desire to keep your phone on you wherever you go. We prefer a signal-free practice space, but if you must, you can store your device at the back of the studio, set to silent—or turned off altogether—to respect the silence of our sacred space and your practice.
  • Focus on your practice.
    Most importantly, focus on your breathing, keep your eyes focused according to the post, and immerse yourself in moving meditation. This is where you’ll progress and transform.
  • Drink water. 
    The time to drink water is after your practice. Hydrating will help reduce muscle soreness caused by lactic acid build-up and flush out any toxins released during practice. No-sugar-added coconut water is also an excellent hydrator.
  • Re-commit to your practice.
    When you start yoga, you may feel too challenged or frustrated to continue—but nothing worth doing is easy! If you commit to coming again and again—even when you’re sore or tired—you will overcome your challenges, and your frustrations will dissipate.